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"We create products and content for those who see medicinal herbs as a catalyst for inner growth and outer creative work."



What Sets You Apart From Other Vendors, Shops, or Venues?

Asonder creates neo-artisanal cannabis pipes that are personalized and made-to-order. Through our guided design process, the customer is able to create a truly unique and intentional smoking piece. The pieces are beautiful, easy-to-clean and built to last a lifetime.

Through our products, we seek to share a model for mindful cannabis use  - one that values intention, connection, and creativity.


How Has Cannabis Helped, Affected or Influenced You or Your Business?

Cannabis has enabled us to be more connected to ourselves and the world around us. 

With the right relationship, we believe that intentional cannabis use can help one to become more introspective of their lives, relationships, and passions.

We are driven by our desire to share this model of cannabis and improve people's lives!


Whats the #1 thing you want future customers to know?

We care about you and we want your wedding to be a sublime experience!

We offer completely custom designs (designed from scratch). If you're interested in this service drop us a line at!

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