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What Sets You Apart From Other Vendors?

All plants vibrate on different frequencies and humans have been aware of that for millennia.

Beginning in ancient civilizations such as Rome, Egypt, China, and the Nordic, people used plants and flowers to communicate.

By the time the Edwardian era came to be and Shakespeare was making plays, most people knew this obscure language of flowers.

During the Victorian era, it became even more prevalent - lovers using flowers to portray secret messages they couldn’t voice aloud for propriety’s sake...

Unfortunately, this language has largely died off.

We have elements of it of course (everyone knows red roses=true love), but the average person can no longer say

what a lover is communicating when they’re presented with an arrangement of beautiful blooms. That’s where I come in!

I’ve been studying this language of flowers for years and have devoted myself to learning the ins & outs of it.

I focus my business on weddings and events and build relationships with my clients - and then I tell their story using the beautiful language of flowers.

Because each story is unique, no two weddings will ever look the same!


How Has Cannabis Helped Or Affected You?

I respect the healing properties of cannabis. In the language of flowers, the plant actually has several meanings - but one is “sense of purpose”. My sense of purpose comes in designing meaningful art using flowers as my medium for my clients - so I do have a fondness for the message this plant sends as well


Whats the #1 thing you want future clients to know?

I look at each of my designs as a new piece of art.

They aren’t just pretty flowers put together; they’re meant to be moving and meaningful - just as a painting would be!

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