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Bounty O' Blooms

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What Sets You Apart From Other Vendors?

Bounty O' Blooms was started in 2018 after a number of years growing cut flowers and helping friends with their wedding florals.

We are a micro flower farm and design studio using primarily local flowers that are in season.

Our designs are garden style and lush with texture and depth from using a large variety of flowers, foliage, and interesting filler.


How Has Cannabis Helped Or Affected You?

"I have had an interest in gardening and horticulture for a long time. I have spend over a decade working in different types of agriculture and cultivating my own cannabis was something I always enjoying learning to do. Considering Maine was an earlier state to decriminalize this herb I was capable of growing my own."   - Sarah (Owner)


Whats the #1 thing you want future clients to know?

"We celebrate love for anyone and EVERYONE! We love meeting new couples and learning about their story and how to create their perfect florals."