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Planning your WeedWedding in Maine

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

So you are getting married in MaryJane Maine?? Here’s what you need to know!!

Maine has the highest percentage of forestation! #thepinetreestate totaling 12 million acres of wooded bliss. Maine is the perfect wedding escape- from the rocky coast to mountains and moose. You can’t go wrong getting married in Maine

but what’s that I smell??

On November, 2016 Maine voters approved the legalization of recreational cannabis.

But because recreational marijuana is now legal in Maine, This does not mean every town will participate in this recreational activity.

As not all wedding venues will be able to offer a cannabis friendly environment.

Many venues voice concerns over insurance policies and the unknown. As with alcohol sales, Maine towns can vote on whether or not to be a “dry weed town”.

It is considered illegal to light up on public property. The law states you may only smoke or use cannabis on private or personal land.

To make things more complicated, Marijuana still to this day remains illegal to the federal government.

Now the mother plant has bee a used statewide medically since 1999. Available to Purchase at dispensaries located throughout the state Since 2016 Currently as it reads dispensaries will not sell to anyone without a medical marijuana card -aka the “green card”

Retail sale and taxation of Recreational marijuana was expected to take effect June of 2020. However due to the worldwide pandemic these plans have been temporarily placed on hold.

The state of Maine requires you to obtain a license to sell marijuana directly to consumers.

Per law you may not be classified as a medical dispensary and sell recreational.

The laws for possession are the same for medical patients as for recreational users.

Medical marijuana patients can not possess more than 2.5oz at a time.

So this affects your weed wedding dreams how?

A.) It’s difficult to find wedding venues currently, who are accepting of marijuana use on their property. Finding vendors Who are comfortable around cannabis, Can also pose as quite the task. You already have so much to worry about. We make it easy to find cannabis friendly vendors in Maine.

B.) The wedding industry is a very traditional industry- folks are scared to step outside the box. With weed weddings just not a thing- it’s no wonder why so many vendors are still hesitant to embrace the Mother of all plants.

C.) Instead of wasting your time browsing the Internet or making hundreds of phone calls.

CLICK HERE to see a full directory of weed friendly wedding vendors & venues.

Most Important Takeaways

Use of marijuana is illegal to those under the age of 21

2.5oz per person- is it for marijuana you are allowed to possess.

• Weed is still federally illegal most insurance companies do not cover cannabis related claims. If someone is injured on venue site that has allowed a federally illegal drug.

Venues may find themselves in uncomfortable positions. It’s a HUGE gray area that has yet to be worked out.

• Per law and regulations you may only use marijuana on a private residence or private property.You may not smoke on public property and risk being fined if you do so. This rings true for Edibles & Hash.

• If a person is guilty of driving under the influence Of cannabis - you will be taken into police custody and fined for driving under the influence.

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