Stumbling across @420oldfatlesbians on Instagram has argumentatively been the highlight of our 2020!

Imagine our sheer delight when

Sue & Lee agreed to sit down with us on one fine Tuesday Maine Morning.

Together for 13 years, we know that Sue & Lee could offer up some tips and tricks on how to keep the spark alive.

Starting off with slushies and a vape we sat outside listening to the birds sing their morning song.

Maine offers a type of peace and stillness often hard to find in this busy world.

So how did you guys meet, we asked?

WE MET ON PLENTY OF FISH Sue & Lee Said in sync

Laughter followed, and than another slurp of the slushie.

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Living 90 mins from each other in FL ,  describing themselves as “twin souls” after meeting they connected with each other instantly.

 They knew that they had found home in each other.

Sue explained how she grew up in the suburbs, where as lee was a small town gal.


The two were even more surprised to later find out, that they had grown up only 45 Mins from each other in Illinois.

Yet they had never connected until that one fateful day on POF.

Three years after tieing the knot in 2015, these two packed up their lives in Florida and moved way up yonder, to small town Maine.

Maine was quieter, and colder the perfect place for two old fat lesbians to settle.

Maine is known for its lobstah, Steven King, Moxie , Moose, Marijuana & 420oldfatlesibans

In 2019 on one fateful day, Sue had an idea that would FOREVER change their lives; 420oldfatlesbians was born.

Lee Explained to us “ I didn’t know Sue was Serious, but then she was really serious. So we did it ”

“ We were just being ourselves” they said again in sync.

We are who are we are, Lee Said  “old, fat lesbians, so they couldn’t make fun of us.

Be true to yourself and you will be okay in life , that’s what we say Sue nodded in agreement

“ Honestly ” Lee continued “ we were shocked, by two weeks we had over 70,000 followers ”

Navigating and trying to keep up with all the emails and comments.  Lee Recalls late nights responding to messages and wondering “ who are all these people? ”

As their instagram followers grew fast Lee & Sue found themselves all over the internet.

From High Times to NBC, together these ladies together are unstoppable.

Sue & Lee have made a mark and set the trend-IT IS OKAY TO BE AUTHENTICALLY YOURSELF

​Sue & Lee continue to support and build up the Maine Cannabis Community.

They never stop advocating for what they believe is right and proceed being 100% authentic and true to themselves.

If you haven't seen their videos yet Click HERE but be prepared to spend at least 45mins mesmerized by Sue & Lees authentic, antics.


Lastly, we asked Sue & Lee what advice they might have for couples.

Their answer was worded so perfectly we decided to include the audio clip

Thank you Sue & Lee for sitting down with us and shareing a few laughs