Get to know cannabis friendly Colorado Photographer

Taylor Davenport Photography 

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What Sets You Apart From Other Vendors?

I am passionate about documenting moments as they naturally happen and letting you feel wild & free to be exactly who you are in front of my camera. I like to focus on the "in-between" moments. I want tell your story through my art! 


How Has Cannabis Helped Or Affected You?

Yes I love cannabis! I love when my couples incorporate cannabis into their weddings! 



Whats the #1 thing you want future clients to know?

 I am an Intimate Wedding & lifestyle photographer based out of Golden, Colorado.


I am a huge animal lover. We have 2 dogs a pug named Harley and a Husky Named Timber, 2 cats Nova & Athena.

Plus, Carl our bearded dragon.

So, please bring all the animals to your session or event!


I have always loved nature and the outdoors. We do a lot of hiking and camping in the beautiful Mountains. 

My passion for photography started at a young age, I started doing film Photography and developing my own photos before I even picked up a digital camera.

I still shoot film for fun and have my own darkroom.

I never thought that my love for photography would turn into my career, where I get to photograph people in love in the places they love.

I am incredibly honored that you trust and allow me to be part of such intimate moments, moments that you are able to save for a lifetime.

As a photographer I love to create images that embodies real raw emotions in life. I want you to just be yourselves as I simply observe with my camera.

Now let’s get Wild!