Get to know Budtendors & Event Planners "The Kind Planners"

The Kind Planners offers a discounted rate exclusively on weedwed

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What Sets You Apart From Other Vendors?

Maine's First Cannabis Friendly Event Planners, whether it be subtle or loud, involving Cannabis in your event should never be a hassle. Contact The Kind Planners for ALL your event planning needs.


How Has Cannabis Helped Or Affected You?

"Cannabis has saved my life in so many ways. From chronic pain to depression and as a safe social plant to partake in, I cannot express the incredible healing power of this plant." - Fallon (Owner)


Whats the #1 thing you want future clients to know?

We are professional and organized, have numerous vendors and locations on staff to help make your cannabis wedding a reality.

From catering, to florals, mobile budtending, music and so much more. We are the one stop for all your weed wedding needs.

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