Get to know cannabis friendly Oregon Photographer



What Sets You Apart From Other Vendors?

"Heya, I’m Zotti and I’m an internationally awarded life and love photographer.

I adventure worldwide and take my trusty Nikon with me, capturing epic moments for people just like you.

From sandy beaches to mountain peaks, and from tiny villages to impressive cities. Let's get lost together!


How Has Cannabis Helped Or Affected You?

Cannabis has allowed me to reach new levels of spiritual enlightenment.


Whats the #1 thing you want future clients to know?

I’m after magical times and unforgettable memories shared with kindred spirits. I’m not a show up, shoot, and leave kind of gal.

You have me, 110% - I'm here for you every step of the way and we will work together to make your vision come to life!

My dream clients are lovers, free spirits, and spontaneous adventurers with wanderlust that won’t be quieted - just like me.

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